Friday, January 29, 2010

My Cold Cold Heart

And then we were three!
We met Will at the Paris airport and made our way via the Metro to Montmartre, where we would snuggle into a cozy little flat for the next 4 days.

The first night we mostly just settled in and got some food. I also took great advantage of using the FREE international phone that came with out apartment.

OK so Paris is freeeeezing in December, especially when coming form West Africa. We set of for Notre Dame first thing.
Oh, and then of course we headed to SUBWAY and it was amazing! Yes, thats right I opted to eat at Subway in Paris, it was like dream food, a meal complete with neither beans nor fou fou corn.

Then we had a walk by the river. French Snowbear, complete with icesickle cig.
The Louvre is such a serious place.
But there is some incredible art.
Champs Elysees. Will's French skills saved us on this trip. We would've been totally lost without him. BUT do ya' really think he meant to order that cotton candy? Really?
Oh and that would be a petit size, just in case you were wondering.
Arce De Triumph.
On the next morning we walked up the hill in Montmartre to the Sacre coeur , which if I do say so myself is more impressive than Notre Dame.
Another lovers' dream, the Eiffel Tower. Oh my, that tree certainly has picked an odd partner to cuddle under the romantic influence of the city.
Ahhh, I finished my fourth book of the trip. I think that is more than I have read in my whole life. I think this reading thing is better than I originally thought. Haha.

Chelsea and Will wanted to do some more things in Paris and I wanted to venture to Versailles. So I spent the morning cracking the codes for Paris public transit and made my way.
Impressive, much too large for my taste. I think I'll settle for something a bit more modest.
After Versailles I went to McDonalds and ate french fries. (They give bomb mustardwith fried in Paris btw), how gross is that? Some small part of me really must love my native land, must love and miss it indeed.

My last adventure in Paris was the most interesting of all. I was thrilled that the apartment we were staying in had a washer (no dryer). Since I had been handwashing all of my clothes and hang drying them for the past 6 weeks they were all about 2 sizes larger then they were originally intended to be. So, me and my genious decided to was all the slothes at the apt. to save money and then re-wet them all and run them down the street to dry (and shrink) them before heading off to India for another 6 weeks of the same washing and drying methods. Well, of course I waited to long and the laundrymat was closed. All of my clothes dripping wet, with merely hours till me flight... what to do? Well, with Will's novel encouragement I began to microwave everything piece by piece, and yes folks to my amazement it works. A bachelors dream, microwaving clothes until they are dry. For details and tips please contact me directly.

(This computer blows, as do most in India, so sorry as I am, pictures must wait.)



  1. Oh god! I can't believe you ended up microwaving your clothes hahaha!!!! I'm sorry love, I know you were so excited about the dryer.

    So GLAD to finally get an update and some photos! You know, I remember on my first international trip (10 days through Europe), I was so comforted by McDonald's french fries. But I remember the ketchup didn't taste right. I don't remember if I was in England or France. But anyway, just sayin, I judge ye not!

    Nice pic in the Louve! I am sure you are and will always be the only person I know who visited it in overalls!!!


    PS: Brad and I also took a day in Peru to go to Lima to watch a movie in a real theater and eat Dunkin Donuts. Never thought I would have anything good to say about American globalization, but I really needed that. haha

  2. I stared at my microwave for a solid 5 minutes today, holding a shirt that I had wanted to wear but forgot to put in the dryer last night. In the end, I'm just not as brave as you.

    It was great to see an update! I hope to see more when you get the chance. I love ya, Sis.

  3. Oh my... this looks like it might be the most amazing trip! The pictures are incredible and I can't wait to hear all about everything... you are coming back sometime, right?

    Love you and miss you very much! -Nate