Saturday, November 14, 2009

So this is the Rainforest huh?

We are safe in Cameroon. We are in a small village called Belo in the Northwest province. We will remain here for about one month.

I have an old post to put up from my U.S. trip complete with photos. We also need to post all that has happened since we left Knoxville almost two weeks ago. This is the first place we have settled and will be updating as money and internet connections allow. I will hopefully put up my old post within a week or so.

We will start teaching at the new primary school on Monday and working on the orphan project on Tuesday.

Please write us, we love to hear how everything is going there.


  1. Hi Lauren and Chelsea,let us know how the teaching goes!
    Stay in touch.
    Love Mom (Sherry)

  2. So glad you are there!! Gimme more gimme more!

    We're packing up and doing lots of goodbye type things. Having our Oasis going away party in a couple hours. My head is spinning.

    Love you!

  3. Hey Lauren! I just got this whole 'internet' thing working grin. It was really nice to talk to you today. I love you, take care. Dad

  4. Hi Laur,
    Sitting at my place in Nashville, with Daniel and his buddies watching the UT game. Missing you. I tried to call you on Thanksgiving. Couldn't get through. Let us know about the teaching. All my love,