Monday, December 7, 2009

Long long overdue

Tuesday October 20th continued From the outfitter store we drove to our little nook for the night. It was super cold so we hopped in the back of the truck and just talked a while while we sipped a little more Evan Williams to keep warm

Wednesday October 21st

I woke up early and saw the sun coming up over the snowy rocks, beautiful. Joey made cowboy coffee and cheesy vegan grits (aka grits with nutritional yeast-genius). I lied backwards out of the truck and ate over the tailgate to stay warm. We went into town to wander while we waited for it to warm up a bit. We checked out the other outfitter store and local thrift and grocery stores. From there we drove down Hole-In-The-Rock Road to attempt hiking the slot canyons Peek-A-Boo and Spooky. There was a section of road we couldn't pass though so we turned back, went down the road in another direction, and hiked to a dinosaur track site-super cool.

See the scary dinosaur?

And his big footprint?

We left Escalante and headed to Capitol Reef National Park. There we hiked Hickman's Arch.

As we were leaving the sun set and through the rocks we could see a sliver of the sky. It had turned vivid pink and deep blue between the red and brown rock walls, the valley filled with bright yellow trees-ahhhhh, it was alright if you like that sort of thing I guess. Then back on the road to Goblin Valley State Park.

We broke down and paid to camp in the state park (first and only night we have/will pay for a place to sleep). The campsite isn't really what we were after, we were after the hot shower. And let me tell you, after six days of hiking and running around southern Utah a hot shower was spectacular. After showers we had dinner- canned corn, instant potatoes, and canned seitan (from the fake meat store in Oakland-thanks John!). I really must be southern after all, I love those types of meals. All in a days play.

Thursday October 22nd

From there we drove to and hiked Little Wild Horse Canyon. Super neat slot canyon. Back on the road to Moab. We rolled in and explored a little. Joey headed back out of town to ride his bike. Exploring I did go. I walked all over Moab, into gear, thrift, and gift shops, galleries, the local co-op (Moon Flower), bookstore etc. I asked different people where all the best spots were and got the dirt on Moab. I ended up settling in Arches Book Company-great great bookstore with lots to offer (including stickers that read “reading is sexy”). While there I did the usual checking of things on the internet and made some important phone calls. Feeling happy and empowered I was leaving the bookstore just as Joey called to meet back up with me. We went to the local beer spot, Moab Brewery (good beer and chilli), and had a little date. It was fun! Then we headed back out of town to a little camp spot Joey found while on his way to go mountain biking. There we sat on the back of the tailgate with our feet propped on a camp chair drinkin' wine and talking. Great night.

Friday October 23rd

From our campsite we rolled back into town to use the internet. We went to the local vegan friendly spot, Love Muffin, and hung out there for some time before heading into Arches National Park. In Arches we started at Devil's Garden Trailhead and hiked to Landscape Arch, Navajo Arch, Double O Arch, Dark Angel (a spire), and Private Arch. We hiked back via the Primitive Loop Trail and got a spectacular view of the bookcases.

After hiking Joey made ramen noodles Thai style (with peanut butter and spices) and it was surprisingly amazing. We headed back into Moab to find something to do. When we realized there was nothing to be had we decided to make our way to Fruita. We wandered around Fruita and found that it is quite the teeny town. We snuggled up in the truck once we found a campsite and Joey played chess on the computer while I proceeded to snore apparently. Smile.

Saturday October 24th

Back in town Joey and I explored both of the two bike shops in town and the only thrift store (where I purchased my second unnecessary item of the trip-an adorable tan burlap type dress with a high waist and great neckline-for the lofty price of $2.08). Joey headed to Kokopeli for some epic riding. I went to one coffee shop and then due to intense noise pollution moved to the only other one in town. Productive research took place. When Joey got back we got some amazing French Fries, both regular and curly, from a local place called Munchies. Seeking entertainment we drove from Fruita to Glenwood Springs. Quickly upon arrival in Glenwood Springs we realized there was little if any cheap entertainment there either. We ate at a little Chinese/Japanese dive, awesome. Then we proceeded to Doc Holliday's for a beer. While we were having dinner and drinks we starting talking about my restaurant idea. (A few days earlier I told Joey if money weren't an object that without a doubt opening a restaurant would be my first choice, as I had told him and many others numerous times throughout my life.) Somehow the topic came up and we spent the rest of the night writing out a menu and coming up with all sorts of ideas for what the place would look like, be called, how it would be run etc. That night as I lied in the back of the truck I dreamt about a restaurant.

Sunday October 25th

Usual morning (grits and coffee). On the road to Denver. The restaurant still in the forefront of my mind. Here's the thought process: 1. I'm not sure precisely what I want to go to school for yet although I feel sure I want to go 2. If I go to school without a purpose in mind I an likely to be unsuccessful, 3. I love to cook, 4. the idea I have for the sort of place I would open is amazing, 5. School will always be there, 6. I am super determined and if anyone can make a restaurant happen I can........ hmmm I could go on and on. Another thing I was noticing (not to state the obvious but, I am extremely long winded and this blog has turned into more of a journal than a blog, I can't seem to keep up with my journal and this. Hopefully I will learn to make this whole blog endeavor a little less lengthy upon my grand departure.) but back to the other thing I was noticing- I always seem to find it necessary to tell about the food we've cooked and eaten in the blog. Those details somehow seem more important than some of the more grandiose events even. Food for thought.

We arrived in Denver to meet Amie, Joey's cousin. The first night there we just showered (amazing) and met up with some of Joey's family for dinner. We went up the mountain to this little cafe in the middle of nowhere to eat. After dinner we came home and watched a movie. Joey’s family… great by the way.

Monday October 26th

We decided to head to Boulder for a tour of a Meadery! Yes, that’s right a mead winery. So first we dropped off Jolene and I sadly said goodbye. Then we headed to Redstone Meadery for the tour. Let me say it was great, the owner-hilarious, the information and facility-fascinating, the mead-spectacular.

Oh yes and the tasting-complimentary. From there we explored Boulder and of course I found the perfect pair of shoes on the final day of our journey. A brand new pair of Patagonia approach/trail running shoes that were
marked down over 50% because they were the display pair. I was very reluctant to buy them since our trip was over but I figured I would need them just as much for my upcoming adventures, so I splurged. On our way out of Boulder we took some photos and got mini bagels and pumpkin smoothies. Back to Amie's and then to the airport. Wow it went so fast-back to Nashville.

The next few days were pretty hectic preparing for my trip, toying with applying to grad school, celebrating Halloween, and experiencing far too many goodbyes (that can't be healthy).I'll spare the details.

For your viewing pleasure I have however attached a photo of my stepfather the lion and his beautiful tamer as well as a picture of myself as none other than Raggedy Ann alongside ummmm….. dressed up Joey.

Today is Tuesday November 3rd, one day before departure! We are currently leaving Charlottesville headed for Philidelphia for the night. We'll play in Phili tonight and tomorrow ride the train into New York for the day before catching our night flight to Paris.

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